How to Build Culture in a Business

cultureCompany culture is a very important and integral part of any business, be it a big hotel service, towing & recovery service or Google. Culture in business defines the type of recruits a business gets, and defines employee satisfaction to create a happy workforce. Without a positive corporate culture, employees will find it really hard in defining any value in their work. Without a strong culture, there may be a lot of negative consequences associated. Many agree that a distinct corporate culture is very important to achieving business success.

To build a strong company culture, here are some things companies must aspire to achieve;

Building a foundation

The first step towards creating a strong company culture lies on deciding on the foundational values of a business. Ask yourself what does the organization want to be known for? Ask yourself how the company’s overall mission align with the values of its employees. Leaders should sit down and discuss what kind of place they want their company to be. These are the things that inspires employees’ every day to work harder. Does the company value great work that has a healthy home-life balance?

Identify company values

ValuesThose who have been placed in charge of identifying company values should try as much as possible to use broad statements rather than being too specific. It can be particularly good for an organization to aspire to be as good as another one, but company culture is something that should be very unique. Organizations should pick values that resonate with what people stand for.

Put values into action

Once a short list of company values have been created, it’s time to put these values into action. The messages portrayed in the values should be communicated via employee communication and intranet. These values should be referred to regularly as they form the basis of company foundations. The company values should be mirrored in the day to day activities of a company and be well communicated.

Revisit and assess regularly

Company culture and business values requires constant nurturing. The values can evolve over time depending with chances happening in the organization. Companies that have highly regarded culture normally conduct annual engagement surveys that evaluate is the stated values are followed in an organization. Even companies that are way beyond startup status can create a culture and values that generate a lot of pride within employees.


Top Applications of Artificial Intelligence

ChatbotArtificial intelligent applications, platforms and projects are being developed in every corner of the world today. The entire tech world is debating on the effect AI will have among ourselves and in future. AI is affecting every decision we make in our life. AI has transformed the business landscape more than we could have imagined. All businesses are always in the lookout for ways to improve their customer satisfaction. Whether it is a product based business such as Tesla, or a simple service-based business such as Abingdon Tow Truck, superior product, and service delivery is key to customer satisfaction and overall business growth.

We have compiled interesting research from industry experts who share their outlook on the application areas of artificial intelligence. Let’s have a look;


In the tech space, AI continues to be a very hot topic due to its inception in various business operations. One particular operation is chatbots. Chatbots are now using AI to turn data analytics into meaningful conversations. Chatbots are delivering smart yet flexible analytics via conversations on mobile devices via standard messaging tools as well as voice-activated interfaces. This has a dramatic reduction in the time it takes to collect data for different business users. This helps in accelerating the pace of businesses as well as streamlining its analytics.

Artificial intelligence in e-commerce

Artificial intelligence technology is becoming an integral part of every successful e-commerce business. Leveraging the use of machine learning, AI software can now automatically tag, organize and visually search content by labeling features of videos and images. AI is used to enable shoppers to discover associated products through the use or recommendation systems. The visual capabilities if AI is improving every year. Different software can now automatically help customers find products that they desire.

Workplace communication

AI businessAI is being used to improve workplace communication. Currently, most businesses are overloaded with content, tools, channels and the so-called solutions that deprive individuals and companies of achieving their desired targets. AI helps businesses improve communication both internally and externally by facilitating individual personalization for every professional, which in turn allows enhanced focus and thus an increased productivity. There are intelligent virtual assistants that help take care of repetitive tasks. AI is poised to help businesses improve, innovate and grow exponentially.

Human resource management

AI and machine learning are going to have a drastic effect that irrevocably changes how HR ns recruitment works in every business or company. HR is one of those departments in a company that will greatly benefit from AI. This is because there are tons of quality data in HR that can be used for improved results and innovation. Recruitment and HR jobs can be automated and the HR team can have the freedom to work directly with people in an organization.

AI is also being used greatly in intelligent cybersecurity. Although it is believed to be in its infancy stage on this subject, it will eventually address all issues related to cybersecurity. Other important applications of AI are in the fields of logistics and supply chain, sports betting industry, streamlining manufacturing as well as in casinos and hotels.

How Artificial Intelligence is Changing the Business World

intelligenceArtificial intelligence has moved into the mainstream with the integration of technology and business. It is no longer a phenomenon that is going to happen to small businesses in the future – actually it is here with us. Business owners can now take advantage of the innovations that AI is bringing into business. AI can help in nearly every aspect of the business including marketing and advertising, mobility, customer service, and security.

Let us break these areas into more details.

Mobility through AI

Ai allows employees to work in other locations outside the office and yet still remain in contact with the administrative office. With the use of AI, employees can now share documents, financial work, information, marketing, and other information via the cloud. This mobility factor means that people are now able to work from different locations and still be able to communicate in real time as if they were working from the same location. Research has shown that when employees are given the opportunity to work from a location of their convenience, they are happier and report increased productivity.

Marketing and Advertising

marketingArtificial intelligence continues to change the way customers receive advertising and marketing information. Anyone who is active on social media can now attest to the role of Ai in advertising and marketing. A good example is what Google does. If a customer searches for a certain product, ads related to that product may appear on their social media feeds even without asking for them. This is because AI can identify someone’s past searches and use such a history of the searches for a targeted advertising. It is very important for businesses that are selling products to bring customers to their business pages through targeted advertising as this means they are easily going to convert.

Increased Efficiency

With AI, businesses can now realize an increased efficiency with higher precision at a lower cost. Companies that use AI can attest that they are realizing an increased efficiency on the rate at which tasks are performed. The role of AI in business is to increase automation on aspects that businesses have previously left in the hands of employees. The best part about AI is that it needs no break in its delivery of tasks. It can automatically retrieve information and organize it for employees for increased efficiency.

Better customer service

AI and robotics have been applied at workplaces and this only translates to one thing; better customer service and support.  Robots are poised to take over all the jobs in the world. However, there are tasks in the field of advanced computer programming that robots are not able to take over.  Businesses are now making use of phone systems with AI voice. These intelligent systems perform customer reception services and answer many questions just the way humans would perform. AI is also helping in the integration and consolidation of business operations with the help of cloud computing. Today, complex business tasks can be streamlined with even a fewer number of employees performing these tasks.

What You Need to Know About Artificial Intelligence

AIArtificial intelligence means different things to different people. Actually to get a definition of what artificial intelligence is, it depends on whom you ask. A system can be termed to be artificially intelligent if it exhibits behaviors associated with human intelligence. These include behaviors such as planning, learning, reasoning, knowledge representation, problem-solving, perception, manipulation, motion and to some effects on social intelligence and creativity.

AI is mostly used today to recommend what you should buy nest and well as understanding what you say to virtual assistants in order to give you appropriate responses. This is more so evident in Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri which are used in various ways such as spotting spam, detecting credit card fraud among others. AI is simply a tech that appears to think the way we do.

Types of AI

At the very basic, AI can be categorized into two; that is narrow AI and general AI. Narrow AI is what we mostly see in computers today- Just intelligent systems that have been taught to learn how to understand specific tasks without having been programmed to do so. This is the type of intelligence we mostly see in the likes of Alexa and Siri. It is also very common in vision recognition systems such as self-driving as well as in recommendation systems that recommend the type of products to buy.

On the other hand, general AI is a bit different. These types of intelligent systems have adaptable intellect similar to that found in humans. They have a flexible form of intelligence that is capable of learning how to carry out different challenges and situations. They are able to reason out of an accumulated experience.

Machine Learning

artificial IntelligenceMachine learning deals with situations where a computer is fed with large amounts of data, which is supposed to use to learn how to undertake specific tasks. Machine learning is linked to artificial intelligence and neural networks. The key to processing machine learning instructions is neural networks. Neural networks are brain-inspired networks that comprise interconnected layers of algorithms known as neurons.

These networks feed data into each other and are trained to undertake specific tasks by making modifications of the importance that is attributed to input data as it gets passed through these layers. There is a subset of machine learning called deep learning. This is where neural networks get expanded into other sprawling networks with a number of layers which are trained using a lot of data.

Other the years, recent breakthroughs in recent are the main factor fueling the resurgence of AI. Today, there is the availability of huge amounts of data and this is what’s making research and analysis easy. The elements of machine learning are categorized into supervised and unsupervised learning. There is also reinforcement learning where a system attempts to maximize a reward that is based on its input data through a process of trial and error until the best possible outcome is achieved. The likes of Google, Apple, and Amazon are leading the race towards AI.