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Top 5 Shows in Vegas: Part 2

  1. Jubilee (Bally’s) Jubilee gives viewers the most authentic display of Old Vegas still playing, complete with gorgeous, fully costumed show girls and beautifully choreographed dance sequences, culminating in an exquisite mastery of visual theatre. If you’re a typical guy and perhaps precise choreography doesn’t get your blood pumping, consider that Jubilee is a topless show.
  2. “O” by Cirque du Soleil (Bellagio) For lack of better words, “O” will blow your mind, challenging the very laws of physics, human lung capacity, and if local lawmakers have any semblance of social responsibility then perhaps even Las Vegas safety regulations as performers take to the pool in this surf and turf blend of synchronized swimming and acrobatic showmanship. A more detailed description wouldn’t do the show just, “O” is a modern marvel you will have to see to believe.

Honorable Mention:Mystere (Treasure Island) Another Cirque du Soleil performance, Mystere challenges gravity head on in the traditional way, catering more to land lovers. For a quick preview, rent Knocked Up and watch as Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd give an anti-drug infomercial on why such an outlandish performance is best enjoyed in a hallucinogen free environment.Phantom of the Opera (Venetian) If you love the Phantom, you will surely enjoy the Venetians rendition of the Broadway classic.The Lion King (Mandalay Bay) For families with little cubs in tow, The Lion King is one of the more tame entertainment options around, combining Disney’s reputation for wholesome fun with trademark Las Vegas pageantry. Though the show would most likely receive a “G” rating in theaters, inspired decoration, wardrobe and performance make for an evening adults will enjoy as well.

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