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Travel Advice For Parents In Las Vegas

As you may already know, Las Vegas is not the most child-friendly destination to vacation. In fact, Las Vegas is known for its clubs, shops on the strip and gambling. Although children may not have the best time in Vegas, here is some travel advice for parents visiting Las Vegas.

Plan ahead: try to plan your trip ahead of time as much as possible. Planning ahead allows you to have a checklist of things you’d like to do and leaves little room for boredom.

Child-friendly hotel: find a child-friendly hotel for your family. A lot of hotels are catered towards gambling. Find one with pools and child-friendly activities.

Shopping: it’s also helpful to find some child-friendly shopping. There are a few different outlet malls off the strip and a few stores like the M&M store that children love.

Off the strip: since the strip doesn’t offer too much for children, you may want to explore the outer areas. For example, you could go hiking with your children, kayaking, to local state parks or even shopping a few miles away.

As you can see, it may be helpful to consider some of these tips above before you arrive at your Las Vegas hotel.

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