How Artificial Intelligence is Changing the Business World

intelligenceArtificial intelligence has moved into the mainstream with the integration of technology and business. It is no longer a phenomenon that is going to happen to small businesses in the future – actually it is here with us. Business owners can now take advantage of the innovations that AI is bringing into business. AI can help in nearly every aspect of the business including marketing and advertising, mobility, customer service, and security.

Let us break these areas into more details.

Mobility through AI

Ai allows employees to work in other locations outside the office and yet still remain in contact with the administrative office. With the use of AI, employees can now share documents, financial work, information, marketing, and other information via the cloud. This mobility factor means that people are now able to work from different locations and still be able to communicate in real time as if they were working from the same location. Research has shown that when employees are given the opportunity to work from a location of their convenience, they are happier and report increased productivity.

Marketing and Advertising

marketingArtificial intelligence continues to change the way customers receive advertising and marketing information. Anyone who is active on social media can now attest to the role of Ai in advertising and marketing. A good example is what Google does. If a customer searches for a certain product, ads related to that product may appear on their social media feeds even without asking for them. This is because AI can identify someone’s past searches and use such a history of the searches for a targeted advertising. It is very important for businesses that are selling products to bring customers to their business pages through targeted advertising as this means they are easily going to convert.

Increased Efficiency

With AI, businesses can now realize an increased efficiency with higher precision at a lower cost. Companies that use AI can attest that they are realizing an increased efficiency on the rate at which tasks are performed. The role of AI in business is to increase automation on aspects that businesses have previously left in the hands of employees. The best part about AI is that it needs no break in its delivery of tasks. It can automatically retrieve information and organize it for employees for increased efficiency.

Better customer service

AI and robotics have been applied at workplaces and this only translates to one thing; better customer service and support.  Robots are poised to take over all the jobs in the world. However, there are tasks in the field of advanced computer programming that robots are not able to take over.  Businesses are now making use of phone systems with AI voice. These intelligent systems perform customer reception services and answer many questions just the way humans would perform. AI is also helping in the integration and consolidation of business operations with the help of cloud computing. Today, complex business tasks can be streamlined with even a fewer number of employees performing these tasks.

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