Top Applications of Artificial Intelligence

ChatbotArtificial intelligent applications, platforms and projects are being developed in every corner of the world today. The entire tech world is debating on the effect AI will have among ourselves and in future. AI is affecting every decision we make in our life. AI has transformed the business landscape more than we could have imagined. All businesses are always in the lookout for ways to improve their customer satisfaction. Whether it is a product based business such as Tesla, or a simple service-based business such as Abingdon Tow Truck, superior product, and service delivery is key to customer satisfaction and overall business growth.

We have compiled interesting research from industry experts who share their outlook on the application areas of artificial intelligence. Let’s have a look;


In the tech space, AI continues to be a very hot topic due to its inception in various business operations. One particular operation is chatbots. Chatbots are now using AI to turn data analytics into meaningful conversations. Chatbots are delivering smart yet flexible analytics via conversations on mobile devices via standard messaging tools as well as voice-activated interfaces. This has a dramatic reduction in the time it takes to collect data for different business users. This helps in accelerating the pace of businesses as well as streamlining its analytics.

Artificial intelligence in e-commerce

Artificial intelligence technology is becoming an integral part of every successful e-commerce business. Leveraging the use of machine learning, AI software can now automatically tag, organize and visually search content by labeling features of videos and images. AI is used to enable shoppers to discover associated products through the use or recommendation systems. The visual capabilities if AI is improving every year. Different software can now automatically help customers find products that they desire.

Workplace communication

AI businessAI is being used to improve workplace communication. Currently, most businesses are overloaded with content, tools, channels and the so-called solutions that deprive individuals and companies of achieving their desired targets. AI helps businesses improve communication both internally and externally by facilitating individual personalization for every professional, which in turn allows enhanced focus and thus an increased productivity. There are intelligent virtual assistants that help take care of repetitive tasks. AI is poised to help businesses improve, innovate and grow exponentially.

Human resource management

AI and machine learning are going to have a drastic effect that irrevocably changes how HR ns recruitment works in every business or company. HR is one of those departments in a company that will greatly benefit from AI. This is because there are tons of quality data in HR that can be used for improved results and innovation. Recruitment and HR jobs can be automated and the HR team can have the freedom to work directly with people in an organization.

AI is also being used greatly in intelligent cybersecurity. Although it is believed to be in its infancy stage on this subject, it will eventually address all issues related to cybersecurity. Other important applications of AI are in the fields of logistics and supply chain, sports betting industry, streamlining manufacturing as well as in casinos and hotels.

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