How to Build Culture in a Business

cultureCompany culture is a very important and integral part of any business, be it a big hotel service, towing & recovery service or Google. Culture in business defines the type of recruits a business gets, and defines employee satisfaction to create a happy workforce. Without a positive corporate culture, employees will find it really hard in defining any value in their work. Without a strong culture, there may be a lot of negative consequences associated. Many agree that a distinct corporate culture is very important to achieving business success.

To build a strong company culture, here are some things companies must aspire to achieve;

Building a foundation

The first step towards creating a strong company culture lies on deciding on the foundational values of a business. Ask yourself what does the organization want to be known for? Ask yourself how the company’s overall mission align with the values of its employees. Leaders should sit down and discuss what kind of place they want their company to be. These are the things that inspires employees’ every day to work harder. Does the company value great work that has a healthy home-life balance?

Identify company values

ValuesThose who have been placed in charge of identifying company values should try as much as possible to use broad statements rather than being too specific. It can be particularly good for an organization to aspire to be as good as another one, but company culture is something that should be very unique. Organizations should pick values that resonate with what people stand for.

Put values into action

Once a short list of company values have been created, it’s time to put these values into action. The messages portrayed in the values should be communicated via employee communication and intranet. These values should be referred to regularly as they form the basis of company foundations. The company values should be mirrored in the day to day activities of a company and be well communicated.

Revisit and assess regularly

Company culture and business values requires constant nurturing. The values can evolve over time depending with chances happening in the organization. Companies that have highly regarded culture normally conduct annual engagement surveys that evaluate is the stated values are followed in an organization. Even companies that are way beyond startup status can create a culture and values that generate a lot of pride within employees.


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