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Posted in Locals, Residents Comments Off January 12th, 2011

A Look at Las Vegas Living

While Las Vegas is known as a well-traveled destination both for business and pleasure, the city itself is home to 567,641 residents, for a total of 1,902,834 in the metro area.  With so much going on in Vegas at all hours of the night, sometimes it’s nice to simply kick back relax.  While they may live in the City of Sin, not all residents “live in sin” as some outsiders may imagine from Las Vegas’ much hyped  reputation.  In fact, most locals lead relatively normal lives, on par with many major city residents.

For example, in high-end residential parts of the city, featuring sprawling homes fully equipped with swimming pools, manicured lawns, high definition big screens with DIRECT TV Las Vegas looks no different than the well-to-do parts of say, Los Angeles CA, Dallas TX or Miami FL.   Only 7 miles away from the strip, many affluent members of the Vegas community make their home in Seven Hills, a gated community which has come to be known as “The Beverly Hills of Nevada.”  Home to golf courses and country clubs, not all homeowners hit it big in the casino (or run the casinos for that matter), merely members of society who have done well for themselves and appreciate a nice place to settle down.  Of course, Seven Hills is not without its big names, such as Mike Tyson and eBay founder Pierre Omidyar. Read the rest of this entry »