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Posted in Vegas Films Comments Off September 22nd, 2010

Live Vicariously through Vegas Movies

Stuck in a hopelessly mundane city somewhere in the continental U.S.? Do you wake up after an epic evening thinking “that was fun, but it would’ve been way better if we were in Vegas”? Are you counting down the days until you lose you can once again lose your inhibitions in Sin City? You’re not alone. While spending a weekend in Vegas ranks among the most enjoyable experiences still legally permissible (assuming laws are generally abided during your stay), killing time pre-trip or between trips can be agonizing. This list of Vegas inspired blockbusters will get you in the right mindset so you can hit the ground running or maybe take you back to a time in which your life was truly lived.

  1. Casino (1995) Robert De Niro stars in this Scorsese classic, taking audiences back to the old mafia-run Vegas, when Sin City was more of an accurate description than tactfully marketed epithet. Read the rest of this entry »