Vegas Misconceptions

Popular culture may have led you to believe that “anything goes in Vegas.” While yes, a lot of perfectly legal though morally frowned upon occurrences do take place that never make it back to happy households across the world, there are plenty of things you can do that will haunt you long after you leave Sin City. Contrary to urban legend, Vegas is not the last surviving stronghold of the lawless West. There is, in fact, a police department that makes many arrests per year. Here are a few common misconceptions that leave several Vegas patrons behind bars as opposed to at bars come nighttime.Prostitution is legal Though securely cemented in Vegas lore, the much talked about Johns that roam Vegas corners in the late hours are subject to punishment by law, just like any willing woman who sells services. Yes, an afterhours stroll down certain streets will likely find many a few women who are either unaware of the law or willing to take their chances, but it’s just as likely to solicit an undercover officer. For the record, there are other places in the state of Nevada where prostitution is within the legal boundaries, but inside the city of Las Vegas is not one of them.Public nudity is legal Vegas is famous for drunken escapades, but when it comes to streaking and bets of public shame, know that it’s best to keep your clothes on and leave a little bit up to the imagination.Public urination is legal There are plenty of toilets in Las Vegas, several of which are housed in very nice hotels and casinos. Certainly there’s no need to engage in such behavior, but it a culture that sometimes centers around making bad decisions, this simple mistake is not taken lightly.Legal charges and marriages are only valid in Vegas Leaving the city limits will neither expunge your record of make your new wife disappear. Go ahead get married in Vegas, and have a few drinks, but take well thought out precautions to do both responsibly, as getting either situation handled will result in a legal headache and out of pocket costs.